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VARVANI is a creative agency for advertisement and film production in Frankfurt, our offices are located in the UFO-Lofthouse. We concept and produce image films, classical advertisements, social media content, instructional videos, product-, event-, and music videos, as well as documentaries.


We are specialized in the area of automotive, consumer products, science, technology and industry, fashion, architecture, as well as tourism, food, art and culture. From the very first idea, onto production, adding an original soundtrack, all the way up to placing the final cut, VARVANI prides itself as being a truly full-service media supplier. We believe that a personal and direct dialogue is the secret to delivering what our clients really want. We are masters of our craft and always aware of what a client’s audience expects. At the heart of our work is our core team, tightly connected through a strong infrastructure, posed to deliver highest performance and the best possible results, always looking to support our partners as best we can.

Company VARVANI gmbh
Mehdi Varvani
Year 2017

Our productions are known for the realization of novel ideas used to tell stories and stir emotions. New projects begin with format- and idea-development. After this creation and conception process, the exposé visualization ends with a storyboard, before moving on to realization.


At this point the pre-production phase begins, which includes casting, location scouting, acquisition of costumes, props, or required shooting permits, as well as planning of all logistics and technical requirements, and of course putting together the perfect team for the job.


The name VARVANI represents extraordinary visual art, handcrafted precision, and foremost discerning aesthetics in visual communication. During the course of production the ideas and concepts laid out in the storyboard are creatively realized by the director and DoP.


Through the utilization of equipment sets carefully selected around every project’s individual requirements, we ensure that every shot achieves a visual fidelity suitable for the big screen. Whether it’s in the studio, at selected national or international locations, or simply “on the road”, the visual art of VARVANI is at home anywhere.


Next the raw production material is transferred to editing and post-production. There our in-house team of editors and digital animation artists put together all the images into one harmonious visual statement, giving life to the ideas set out in the initial storyboard.


As needed new motion graphic designs are created and integrated to realize any kind of 2D or 3D animation. Colors are matched and graded to set the visual mood of a project, while a suitable soundtrack gives the piece a richer texture. Post-production includes compositing, color grading, sound design, royalty-free soundtrack composition, as well as the recording and integration of professional voice-overs as needed.

More than just some frames

3D Animation

Where the possibilities of real-life camera work reach their limits, the imagination and creation of 3D animation and digital visual effects only begins. Our 3D animators let you shine a light behind any surface, transition into extreme macro-perspectives, create original characters or even entire new worlds to realize your creative vision.


After a concept briefing our 3D department begins with layout design and modeling. In the next step the 3D assets are rigged for animation while their texturing, shading, and lighting is set up at the same time for everything to meet our high aesthetic standards. Step by step you can watch your 3D animation come to life to show off anything from architecture- or product-visualizations all the way to simulations for rigid bodies, fluids, or particle elements. Furthermore our 3D art department provides digital set extension, environment composition, as well as digital matte painting, retouching, sky replacement, rig removal, and clean-up.

Varvani offers you
even more

Varvani Academy

Anyone that has an eye for strong images, can learn to become a filmmaker with us! This includes both production as well as post-production. Technology and equipment are changing every day, so it’s important to us that you learn something new every day to improve your workflow and expand your inspiration.


With this as our motivation we offer regular classes around current and new technological developments as well as the art and craft of film making and other creative topics. We have both external classes for our freelancers and young talents as well as internal courses for our core team. To support strong appearances in front of the camera, we also offer speech- and interview trainings for our partners and industry professionals from other fields. The times and dates of upcoming classes can be found in our news section or requested on demand.

Marketing &
Social Media Beratung

We’re happy to count Facebook Germany Marketing as both one of our clients as well as one of our partners in the area of social media. We constantly track notable successes in the realm of social media and use this knowledge to keep our own social media consumption initiatives as up-to-date as possible.


We leverage our many close connections to content providers and consumers to continuously explore new formats for mobile devices, and integrate them into new marketing strategies, for jointly developed informational films and cases studies focused around the use of film across Facebook and other social networks.


As both a creative agency and film production house, our top priorities are telling the best stories we can, with the best cast, in the highest possible quality. We care not just about outward appearances, but also acting talent.

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