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“Long-side-up” is the new film format of marketing-strategists!

We all know the classic 16:9 cinema aspect ratio, whether from our TVs at home, video billboards, or from the big screen. But do those really reflect the current focus of media consumption? Where is the target audience? Always on the go!


And wherever that may be, the smartphone is always along for the trip. It accompanies us 24/7, no matter what we’re doing, what we’re thinking about, what we’re searching for or looking forward to. As our most important digital companion, we also use it as our default way of quick and easy media consumption, especially through social networks or video platforms. The goal of online content creation is to maximize both attention span and consumption length. One of the challenges is not to disturb the users’ standard behavior, like through the use of obtrusive advertising formats, while at the same time not completely fading into the background of the mass of available content and its rapid consumption.

Hochkant Videos sind Feed optimiert, die Botschaft schneller übermitteln.
Marke und Botschaft am Anfang zeigen.

Lösung: The solution: Think long-side-up, in the new 9:16 format!

Pioneered in the world of social media, users started sharing personal videos with friends and family in the 9:16 format, adhering to the most natural user experience of our devices. After the format had been organically established throughout the various social networks by its users, the networks followed suit and integrated support for it into their respective platforms.


The beauty of this format from a marketing perspective, is how the medium of film as a moving image, in this format, on this device, achieves the best possible user experience on all levels.

Feed Konsumverhalten vs. TVC Storytelling
Die Schlüsselbotschaft bei Social Hochkantvideos
  • The new ad-format utilizes all available screen space and lives up to the full visual potential of the consumer’s device
  • A user’s attention is subconsciously held for the duration of at least two scroll motions until the content has completely left the screen
  • Even though it is ad content, it doesn’t appear as obtrusive because it takes the natural shape of common social network content
  • By aiming content in this format at your target user group, you make it easier for them to both consume and share it, increasing reach naturally while reducing placement costs.


To get the most clicks, likes, and shares, it is important not to merely release your traditional 16:9 content online, but instead to create content optimized for this new format and the new consumption behavior of your users.


If you’re interested in how ad-content in 9:16 functions, what you need to consider conceptually for storytelling in 9:16, how to effectively produce 9:16 without cropping out visual content, and what unique benefits post-production in 9:16 offers, we would gladly offer you deeper insights during a personal meeting.

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