Advertising agency. Film production. Music production
Creation & film production for great brands and real people
Social media campaigns with fresh ideas for diverse content
Advertising, feature film, feature film with acting talent and a lot of emotion

Advertising agency & film production in Frankfurt

We design and implement individual solutions for you with real stories and courageous creation! Creativity is the most important tool for creating long-term added value in marketing.

Your brand becomes our brand!With our team of young talents and experienced creatives, we develop good andsustainable ideas for every campaign. We listen, advise and convince with conceptsthat surprise and work!

Advertising, image films, product videos, explanatory films, music videos and feature films,
from project planning to post-production, everything from a single source.
Our technical equipment ranges from cinema film cameras to color grading studios.
This makes us as an advertising agency and film production independent, fast and reliable with the best quality.

We see the big picture and fine-tune the details! From our network of artists and creative people, we organize the right crew for you in our joint project. After the conception and storyboard, we take care of the casting, professional speakers and copywriters, find the ideal location, plan outfit design and props, as well as 3D artists and specail effects.
Brand work is more complex and important than ever! We help you answer the really important questions and develop new creative ideas with a clear and fair offer. We have nothing to hide, but a lot to show!

social media campaigns

What is crucial for a strong social media campaign is not only relevant and high-quality video content, but publication and marketing can also create an additional story!
We support you in the conception and strategy for communication that inspires and has an impact! We provide you with plenty of diverse content about your brand, which you can work with in the long term and always remain interesting.
Get more reach, more attention and more interaction with your target group.

Advertising, feature film, feature film

Enchanting images and beautiful camera work are not just our job. Film production is forus a real craft with a lot of heart and creative freedom.

For good storytellers, it's always about how a story is told. A good story alone is not enough. Real impact, brand recall and recognition can only be achieved with real emotions.
Our art is to transform a classic advertising film idea into a good short film. For 20-30 seconds or in feature length. We love working scenically and creating something great together with direction and selected talent in front of the lens. We match the emotional connection between brands and people, because only those who reach the heart and brain stay in the head.

Here's more:

Capturing the perfect moment in a single shot is an art in itself. Whether high-end product images, aesthetic fashion images in a contrasting location or breathtaking landscape photos. In photography, every detail has to be right, regardless of whether the subject is elaborately staged in the studio or automotive driving shots on the road. Every motif and every location has its own requirements and interesting possibilities to create a unique moment from light, surfaces and colors in the combination of all elements.
Good design is an effective tool: it changes our perception. It teaches us to love things and helps us see them from a different perspective. Perception is a contrasting experience. We advise you on corporate design, logo design, the content structure of your website and we keep an eye on the SEO relevance of your texts. During the implementation, we carry out the programming and the amination of motion graphic elements and then we are happy to support you in SEO marketing.
With digital events you can reach your participants internationally, simultaneously and personally. Your stage, your speakers or discussion groups are brought directly to your viewers via live stream. Invite your guests to join together online, network together, learn, get information, motivate or simply be entertained!